To touch back on our 3D house printing article, we’ve found the tallest 3D printed home. It is five stories tall and located in Suzhou, China. It is a marvelous ode to technology. The five-story building was made all from recycled waste material! Each floor was built in one day, breaking records worldwide. The 3D printed building is not only environmentally friendly, it was also built quickly and efficiently.

A few concerns arose due to safety. As the Washington Post noted there are no long-term safety standards for 3D printed architecture. If a strong force were to hit the point of contact where the concrete comes together, it could cause substantial damage to the building. So although there are no immediate dangers to living in a 3D printed structure, it is wise to do a walk through each year, to make sure the structure is in tip top shape.

The video below shows the 3D printed villa and building in China.



What are your thoughts? Would you live in this mansion? Do you think living in a 3D printed structure is safe? What are your concerns with the issue?