Venice Beach is currently gaining notoriety for being the SoCal version of Silicon Valley. As more and more startups have established their headquarters in Venice Beach, techies are moving to the beautiful boho chic neighborhood.

Now as many know, Venice Beach is an amazing place to live, filled with a diverse crowd, interesting fusion restaurants, and a beautiful beach just minutes away. However, Los Angeles has many eclectic and vibrant neighborhoods that should be explored. As the legendary Beverly Hills realtor Jade Mills  says,

Knowledge is King. Go out there and do your research. Specially before a drastic move. Go to all the neighborhoods that might peak your interest before choosing a location to start your search.

If you’re planning on moving to sunny Los Angeles, definitely check out these other neighborhoods before setting your mind on Venice Beach. After all, it can’t hurt to look at these lovely neighborhoods!

Top Trending Neighborhoods



5 Silver lake

This neighborhood has numerously been ranked as one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles by big publications like CNNMoney. This is greatly due to its mix of family lifestyle with a blend of hipster lifestyle. Furthermore, it’s on the shore of a river which makes it even more beautiful.


4 Mar Vista

This neighborhood has a friendly charm that is unlike most neighborhoods of the city. The sidewalks are well shaded by indigenous trees and flowers which present an allure of beauty and care. Most of the people in this neighborhood grew up together so they are like a family to each other. It is adjacent to Venice Beach, so you have the advantage of being close to the beach and a very happening neighborhood while paying a much more reasonable rent.


3 Los Felizlos-feliz-trendy-neighborhood

In recent years, this neighborhood has become a celebrity hangout zone. This is because of the rich diversity of the neighborhoods and a lot of things to do like drinking local brews to attending live music festivals. The ambiance is very hippie chic. Everyone is very friendly and amicable.


2 Koreatown

Unlike most neighborhoods in the city, Pico has for long been known to be crime hot spot. However, community efforts to eradicate crime in the neighborhood have bore fruits which have led to more people moving into the neighborhood. The all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants are also extremely popular in this area. They come highly recommended!


1 Santa Monica

Apartments on this side of the city are highly in demand. This is due to the fact that the neighborhood has access to the beach, and has top notch dining and shopping. The bar scene is also always popping. However, don’t be wary, the bars are all mainly located on Main Street, which means you will probably have a quite place to go home to each night.

To touch back on our 3D house printing article, we’ve found the tallest 3D printed home. It is five stories tall and located in Suzhou, China. It is a marvelous ode to technology. The five-story building was made all from recycled waste material! Each floor was built in one day, breaking records worldwide. The 3D printed building is not only environmentally friendly, it was also built quickly and efficiently.

A few concerns arose due to safety. As the Washington Post noted there are no long-term safety standards for 3D printed architecture. If a strong force were to hit the point of contact where the concrete comes together, it could cause substantial damage to the building. So although there are no immediate dangers to living in a 3D printed structure, it is wise to do a walk through each year, to make sure the structure is in tip top shape.

The video below shows the 3D printed villa and building in China.



What are your thoughts? Would you live in this mansion? Do you think living in a 3D printed structure is safe? What are your concerns with the issue?

The 21st century has seen its fair share of innovations in almost all industries. The construction industry, in particular, has seen one of the most revolutionizing innovations called the 3D house printing or rather called additive manufacturing. It entails the use of gigantic house printers that utilize thicker concrete that dries up fast and thus gives the house its shape and rigidity in a short period of time. This method of construction has been known to have more benefits than the traditional ways of construction thus it has gained more prominence in the industry.

Benefits of 3-D House Printing

Cheap manufacturing

One of the most crucial aspects of construction is the cost of 3d-house-printing-constructionmanufacturing the products aside from the time of manufacturing. It has been estimated that 3D house printing can save up to 70% of the cost of manufacturing compared to traditional forms of manufacturing. This can be credited to the low packaging and shipping cost involved with 3D house printing, cheaper material that has proven to e reliable and finally, less human resource involved. Even though critics argue that the cost of acquiring a 3D printer is way more expensive, it is important to put into consideration the priceless experience and flair of printing your own house and further constructing it at a very low price.


One unique feature about 3D printers is that they are able to construct a house without the need of any special tools. This means with just the use of that single printer, you are able to mix the materials and construct the house without the use of other materials. This allows to cut down on waste and helps reduce the carbon footprint of the construction of the house. Additionally, this saves a lot of money as you won’t have to buy other different tools. So it’s a win-win for your pockets and the environment.

Saves Time

It’s rather absurd to compare the speed of 3D house printing to the traditional means of construction. Both methods will successfully complete the job but the time taken to complete the tasks using both methods is incomparable. To start with, 3D house printing takes only hours to manufacture the materials for building. On the other hand, traditional methods could take a matter of weeks or even months to manufacture the materials. In the construction business, time is money and the sooner a task is completed, the greater the cost to be saved which is not the case with traditional house construction. Additionally, it takes only less than 48 hours to complete building a house which can’t be said about the traditional ways of house construction.

Less Waste

The best thing about 3D house printing is that you won’t waste any materials, either when building or when manufacturing the construction materials. Additionally, 3D house printing ensures that it only uses the materials it requires thus ensuring that there is no waste. One more thing is that this method ensures the house built is much lighter than houses built using the traditional method. Finally, less waste means less impact on the environmental.

Better Quality

Mistakes in the construction industry are always very costly. Compared to the traditional ways of construction, 3D house printing guarantees a much better and safer house than the traditional method. After all, machines are more accurate than humans. Due to controlled mass production by 3D printers, there are few faults compared to the faults that humans would make which eventually affects the quality of the final product.

What do you think? If you can/could afford it, would you opt for 3D house printing or manual labor to construct your dream home? Have you operated a 3D printer before? What are your thoughts?